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Crystal Thompson is a New York based video artist and costume designer.  She creates dynamic projected visuals and dazzling content for live events.  Collaborating with other artists, she builds pieces by capturing imagery in camera, then layering footage over multiple secondary images.  She creates moving and morphing pieces that she projects as street art in Manhattan's Financial district. 

She also specializes in innovative costume design and construction often incorporating lights and special lighting effects. She has been working for noteworthy personalities and productions since 1992.

Crystal Thompson


The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show
Madonna Sticky and Sweet World Tour
Madonna MDNA World Tour
Madonna Rebel Heart World Tour
The 52nd Street Project
Barnum and Bailey Circus
Shrek (Broadway)
The Little Mermaid (Broadway)
A Little Night Music (Broadway)
Steel Magnolias (Broadway)
Fiddler on the Roof (Broadway)
The Metropolitan Opera
National Opera of Korea
Bronx Opera
New York City Ballet
The Public Theater

The Cherry Orchard (Broadway)

Tommy Hilfiger
Banana Republic
Calvin Klein
Victorias Secret
J Brand
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Ultra Nate
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Francis McDormand

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Nicki Minaj
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